Terms & Conditions

We are a family run company selling wholesale craft blanks to small business’. To keep our prices low we do not always sand our items prior to despatch, especially MDF as this is a raw material for painting. MDF can come in a variety of shades of beige/brown and the 6mm and 18mm MDF often comes with  green core or fully green. We only use high quality materials and the colour will not show through once painted. We recommend sanding items to improve their appearance for you to sell on at maximum profit. Our MDF can be painted using a variety of paints and a sand inbetween coats is recommended for a smooth finish. Our wood veneer once sanded looks beautiful but can be enhanced with stain/lacquer. We recommend wood glue if you need to glue any embellishments onto either of our woods. To glue acrylic you can use a variety of plastic glues, we use Tensol to bond acrylics together for a durable bond. We use uho or gorilla glue to adhere acrylic to wood. When engraving acrylics, the engraving goes a lighter colour, so engraving on darker colours shows up very well. Engraving on white, cream, yellow, baby pink etc can make the engraving harder to see. Many crafters infill the engraving with acrylic paints. Alternatively you can request any of our products without engraving so that you can use vinyl text instead.

UV printed products are waterproof and cna be cleaned with soapy water. Do not use alcohol spray on these items.

Add Ons

** If you forget an item we can add this on to your current order if your order has not been started.  Due to the amount of add on requests we will only allow orders to be added to if you have genuinely forgot something, not if you have taken more orders and just want to save on postage. Add ons create a  lot of admin time for us and slow us down, please do not over use this service or it will be withdrawn for all. You must contact us via our facebook page for permission to ensure your order can be added to.  If you place an add on without permission we will refund your order; add on changes and fees are non refundable.

Returns & Refunds

If you are not completely satisfied with your ready made items you are welcome to return them to us in perfect condition. You must let us know within 14 days and return within 30 days. Refunds will be processed within 7 days, fees and outgoing postage will not be refunded.

Items that are made to your specification cannot be resold, so therefore cannot be returned for a refund.

If any item arrives to you broken please contact us immediately with details, within 14 days. We will need to see photographic evidence of the damaged item AND the packaging so that we can liaise with our packaging department and courier to rectify the situation. We will get replacements out to you as a matter of urgency or offer a refund.

** Any acrylic damages must be photographed with the protective coating on. If you remove the protective coating we will not provide a free replacement. This is due to customers rippng the protective coating off causing damage and then requesting free replacements. Please check all acrylics before removing the coating. Low cost repalcements can be issued if you break an item.

Whilst we try our best not to make mistakes, we are only human, and sometimes we can make errors with our designs. If this happens, please contact us within 14 days. We will redesign your item and get it in the post as a matter of urgency for you or offer a full refund.

After 14 days we are unable to process any refunds. We cannot put a claim in with our postal service after this time so please ensure you contact us as soon as you receive your delivery if there are any issues.

Please see our facebook page for up to date turnaround times and the banner on the top of each page of this website. All orders are posted via tracked serivces


We often take photographs of the products we design and cut. This is so that we can advertise these items on our website which makes ordering easier for you in the future. These photographs are our property but we do allow you to use these photographs to gain interest on your selling platform prior to purchase from us. We will not use photographs with personal details on such as address, full names, date of births etc. If there is a particular design you do not wish us to take a photograph of then please let us know and we will honour your request.

If we design a product for you it will be offered for sale to other customers. This is because we are taking the time to design the items and not charging you a design fee. We will make our money by selling that design to others. This means you can get the design you want at a low price. If you prefer for the design to be uniquely yours then we will not advertise this for sale or replicate it for others to sell. There will be a design fee for this service, please contact us for a quote to discuss your requirements. We offer a design only service, where we give you the design once created and you are free to use it as your own. You will hold the copyright for that design. We also offer a design and cut service at a lower price where we design and cut your product. We hold the copyright for this design and will only cut and sell this product to yourself. You are not allowed to take that design and have it cut elsewhere.


All our designs are our intellectual property. We will not tolerate any other laser cutters copying our designs and we do take legal action against others that copy. Likewise we will not copy someone else’s design. We will happily design a product for you inspired by something you have seen but it will not be a direct copy, it will be designed in our style. Feel free to discuss your product requirement with us as we are happy to bring to life your ideas.