Box And Lid with VINYL – Pink hearts – Teddy winking


2 sized boxes that will need to be glued for use. The 10cm holds around 9 lindor balls, the 13cm holds around 16. The base comprises of 7 pieces and then the back board slots into place and should not be glued. It can be then removed and used as a lid for gifting. Cream eggs do fit inside with the lid sat ontop of the top. If gifting kinder eggs then you would be best putting the lid underneath and wrapping in cellophane to gift. Solid box once glued so easy to post out to your customers.

The vinyl top and sides wrap are available, you will need your own appliction tape. The vinyl will not be applied. We applied the side wrap around the front and sides in one piece. You can cut and apply in 3 pieces if you find that easier.

Plain boxes without vinyl are available HERE

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