Paint Pens – Zieler colours – 12 pack 2.5mm – Medium tip


These are the paint pens as shown on our facebook group video

Permanent Water-Based Marker Pens – Vibrant Colours (Medium Round Tip – 2.5mm)

  • 12 VIBRANT COLOURS – unleash your artistic flair and creativity with this wide range of highly pigmented acrylic colours. BLACK, WHITE, METALLIC SILVER, METALLIC GOLD, YELLOW ORANGE, BLUE, VIOLET, RED, PINK, GREEN & BROWN. These medium tip 2.5mm markers are perfect for filling in large areas and finer details too.
  • FOR ANY SURFACE – make your mark on any surface including Rock, Stone, Pebble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Enamel, Glass, Mirror, Fabric, Wood, Plastic and Metal. Personalise and decorate your own clothes, bags, shoes, coffee mug, coaster, cushion, journal, phone case ….. & much more!
  • HIGH QUALITY PAINT & EASY FLOW – made from highly pigmented acrylic paint. This non-toxic, quick-drying medium produces an opaque, semi-glossy finish on light and dark surfaces. Being water-based, these vibrant colours (when still wet) will blend easily with other colours. When dry they can layer over other colours without smudging. Once dry they provide water, UV and fade resistance. The pump value system on each marker pen provides an easy and even flow of paint giving you maximum accuracy.
  • Non-Toxic

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