Chick for small chocolates


This has a 3mm back, 18mm MDF core, 2mm clear acrylic inner and 3mm MDF front. It Freestands. 21x20cm. There is a hole at the top to drop chocolates in and tip it upside down to get them out again.It is not glued, you do that yourself after painting or can guled it together raw.

The box shown is double core to hold Roche, for smaller sweets such as starburst the single core is suffiecient

For more photos please see our facebook page/group.

** Any acrylic damages must be photographed with the protective coating on. If you remove the protective coating we will not provide a free replacement. This is due to customers rippng the protective coating off causing damage and then requesting free replacements. Please check all acrylics before removing the coating then remove the coating slowly. Low cost repalcements can be issued if you break an item, please contact us via facebook for a swift service.

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